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Find out more about our different programs and teaching methodology in the following sections.


Mandarin Chinese has emerged as the new must have language with parents all over the world seeing their children learning Mandarin at an early age as an advantage. Professor David Crystal (honorary Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University), one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of language advises:

People who used to be able to make their way in the world as monolingual English speakers are now finding that they’ve got to compete with people who are genuinely multilingual.


MCE Private Chinese Language Programs are designed specifically with the needs and goals of each student in mind. Private course start times, weekly schedules, and study durations are completely flexible. Students can purchase a certain number of class hours per month, with a minimum of 10 lessons hours per enrolment. Private programs are offered to:

  • both individuals and groups;
  • young adults (aged 13 to 18) and adults.


MCE Corporate programs are designed to aid large corporations and organizations in London unleash the potential of their employees. Our Program Consultants work with each company to design a custom solution to teach business executives, employees, and employee family members the skills necessary to create, manage, and succeed in a Chinese business and language environment.

All MCE Corporate programs are results focused and ensure growth and skill development. Please contact MCE on Tel: (0845) 519 3026 or info@mandarinchinese.co.uk to develop a custom program for your organization. Corporate programs are offered both to individuals and groups.


MCE’s specially developed language curriculum and Real Life methodology is demonstrative of our commitment to providing the most dynamic and up-to-date Mandarin language training available. Our highly progressive teaching methods differentiate us from other language training institutions because of our emphasis on applying language skills learnt in the classroom to real life situations.

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