MCE Corporate programs are designed to aid large corporations and organizations in London unleash the potential of their employees.

Our Program Consultants work with each company to design a custom solution to teach business executives, employees, and employee family members the skills necessary to create, manage, and succeed in a Chinese business and language environment.

All MCE Corporate programs are results focused and ensure growth and skill development. Please contact MCE on Tel: (0843) 289 2795 or develop a custom program for your organization.

Corporate programs are offered both to individuals and groups.


MCE offers the following customizable programs to corporations and organizations operating in and around London:

Private Executive Courses:

Custom and flexible Executive Mandarin courses. Our most talented and experienced Business Chinese teachers work individually with company executives to teach them the necessary Business Chinese skills to succeed in a Chinese Business environment.

Small Group Employee Courses:

MCE can arrange employee group Chinese classes, either at our language centre or your company location. General Chinese, Business Chinese and Culture Elective classes are available.

Employee Benefit Language Programs:

MCE can arrange Chinese Language employee benefit programs for qualifying organizations. Company employees can then join MCE small group or Private classes at a discounted corporate rate.

Intensive Chinese Crash Course:

The Intensive Chinese Crash Course introduces new non-Chinese speaking employees to the basics of the Chinese language essential for everyday life in China. While becoming fully functional in the Chinese language can take some time, our Crash Course program can provide your employees with the fundamentals to manage basic tasks in one month. Classes are typically held at the MCE training centre or at your offices in groups of 2-4 students for 6 hours each day. During the course of the month, attendees will focus on the following elements of the Chinese language:

1. Directions6. Greetings11. Weather
2. Numbers7. Food & Drinks12. Time & Date
3. Colors8. Clothing13. Money
4. Name/Salutation9. Basic Description14. Shopping
5. Communication10. Basic health 


Company invoice, group payment and discounted individual pay options are available to qualifying organizations. Please contact MCE for details.

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