Business Mandarin

MCE Business Mandarin Language courses are available to students at Intermediate to Proficient levels (or a minimum of 6 months Mandarin Chinese Language experience). Business Mandarin language courses are designed to provide students with the necessary oral and written skills to conduct business in a Mandarin Chinese language environment. All program are comprehensive, meaning that each student will learn to read, write, speak, and listen to Chinese, while gaining essential cultural understanding. Emphasis is placed on the contemporary usage of business language and related business culture.


The course will cover the following business themed content:

  • Business Mandarin Language students will use a Business Mandarin textbook series for core language classes. 
  • Additionally, MCE Teachers will incorporate Business Contracts, Financial News, Government Policies, News Releases and Business Writing into class sessions.


Students will develop the following business language skills:

  • Basic Mandarin Chinese Language skills that are applicable to commercial activities or interest
  • The ability to understand the basics of the Chinese economic environment, as well as, rules for business performance, trade, investment, cooperation and management of enterprises.
  • Competence for cross-cultural communication in the context of economic and cooperative interchange. This includes a wide range of knowledge regarding business customs, and historical information regarding Chinese Culture. 


  • Ability to use appropriate expressions during business and social occasions. Examples include: Greeting, Introduction, Apology and Congratulation.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for travelling, networking, telephoning and appointment making.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions for commercial activities, such as giving a brief account of a company or product.
  • Ability to use appropriate expressions in consulting, negotiating, bargaining, writing or revising a plan, analyzing and resolving problems, and effectively commenting or adding suggestions to a specific subject or project.


All students are given a Mandarin Chinense language test at the beginning of the course so that students are taught at the right proficency level. MCE then constantly evaluates student progress and may periodically move students to the best available class for their rate of progress and proficiency level. Business Mandarin class levels are divided as follows:

Understanding of 1500-2500 words
Intermediate level students are required to know at least 1500 Chinese words. These students are able to construct basic paragraphs.
Understanding of 2000-3500 words
Advanced level students are required to know at least 2000 Chinese words. These students can express their opinions with good intonation.
Understanding of 3500+ words
Proficient level students are required to know at least 3500 Chinese words. These students are able to read from newspapers and magazines, understand radio and television broadcasts, conduct business and can express themselves systematically using appropriate expressions and language norms.
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