There are three simple ways to apply for entry onto a course at Mandarin Chinese Education. These are:

Fill out the form and we will contact you

Or by email

Download an application form, fill it out, and send a scanned copy of it via email to:

Or in person

Come and visit us at our teaching locations in London. We advise that you make an appointment prior to your visit.


To assist you with filling out an MCE Application form, we have provided a table below to explain some of the key terms and questions that appear in our application form.

Term Explanation
Course Title Choose from the following options:

  • General Mandarin
  • Business Mandarin
  • Customised Mandarin
  • Toddlers’ Mandarin
  • Infants’ Chinese
  • After school club
Time and location of lesson State the time and place in London where you would like to have your lesson.
Emergency contact information Please only fill in this section if this application is on behalf of your child.
Passport size photo Please attach a recent photo of your child if this application is on behalf of your child.

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