Recent educational thinking has highlighted the relevance of teaching Mandarin Chinese in modern English primary and secondary schools. Progressive schools in the London area have already begun to introduce Mandarin into their curricular and extra-curricular timetables: a movement initiated particularly by primary schools, who are soon to be required to teach at least one Modern Foreign Language at Key Stage 2.


Primary school is a great time to introduce children to a second language – young brains can adapt to the new skill with greater ease and fewer preconceptions than older children.

With its tones, Chinese is highly musical, making it an incredibly fun and surprisingly easy language for young children to get to grips with. The new script also lets children use a new part of the brain, and gives some children who struggle with alphabetic writing styles the opportunity to excel in, and enjoy, a form of written communication.

MCE provides a freelance service from a qualified primary teacher to schools in London wishing to offer their students the opportunity to study perhaps the most important world language of the twenty first century – and one that they will enjoy.

Our teaching style is fun, multi-sensory and highly interactive; after all, enjoyment and accessing plenty of practice are the best ways to allow children to excel at language. Employing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods in teaching and learning ensures that all children are involved in the enjoyment of language acquisition.

We are more than happy to discuss schools’ individual requirements, but as a suggestion we provide a scheme of work involving lots of speaking, listening, singing and games, as well as reading and writing the Chinese script. The children will learn and use vocabulary including numbers, colours, animals, self and family, parts of the body, as well as general skills for building conversation and mastering sentence structure. Of course, from the start, they also get to grips with the all important tones. We provide our own materials to accompany this scheme of work. But if you have a system already in place and just need a qualified teacher to deliver the lessons, we can still help.

We can provide weekly lessons as part of your school’s curriculum; or a lunchtime, before-school, or after-school club on a day to suit your current schedule – as well as the opportunity for flexible teacher cover.

MCE has teachers with extensive Mandarin Chinese language teaching experience and is able to provide a recent enhanced CRB disclosure and curriculum vitae upon request.

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