Children’s Programs

Mandarin Chinese has emerged as the new must have language with parents all over the world seeing their children learning Mandarin at an early age as an advantage. Professor David Crystal (honorary Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University), one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject of language advises:

People who used to be able to make their way in the world as monolingual English speakers are now finding that they’ve got to compete with people who are genuinely multilingual.

MCE for Kids provides the building blocks for your child to join this international community by developing affinity for the Mandarin language in their early years.

Kids have an incredible ability to learn Languages at a young age. The ability to effortlessly absorb a new language begins to decline with age.

By exposing your child to Mandarin lessons at an early age, you will be laying the foundations for fluency in Mandarin as they grow and develop. Enrolment in the innovative MCE for Kids program will help to inspire a positive attitude towards a new linguistic community which is ultimately central to the future success of your child’s bilingual skills.

Find out more about our courses for children in the following sections:

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